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Bottle conditioning after cold crashing

I have a Northy Quad that’s coming up to be bottled after 3 months in the secondary. I bought some Lalbrew CBC-1 bottling yeast to make sure the conditioning goes perfect. I tend to cold crash my beer for 2 days before botting. The yeast instructions are to rehydrate at 85-96 degrees and to adjust slowly (18 degrees max in 5 minute intervals) to beer temp. Ok, so here’s the question:

Do I: 1) Cold crash and adjust the hydrated yeast temperature to the beer temp (36-39 degrees)? 2) Allow the cold crashed beer to come to room temperature so it is similar in temp to the rehydrated yeast? 3) Forget about cold crashing this batch?

I’ve exhausted the internet looking for an answer to this and hit the end. So any thoughts would be appreciated.

The triples I’ve made all carbonated on their own just fine. The only thing close to a quad I’ve made was a Russian Imperial Stout it never carbonated properly and I added a bottling yeast. I would says skip the cold-crash and concentrated on the bottle conditioning without it. With time the bottle will flocculate anyway.

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This. ^^^. This is a beer for aging so with an appropriate bottle conditioning time it will be good and clear, and cold crashing will needlessly complicate things.

I think cold crashing will be fine but then i would let it warm back up to conditioning temperature to pitch the yeast. My theory being you get as much to settle out before aging although since you already aged it for 3 months the the cold crash is probably redundant like this answer :thinking:


Big brews need aging… sounds as though you’ve done “some” of the aging… I’ll go out on a limb… Cold crash for at least a week… allow the yeast (not all will) to settle out… Rack out of the carboy, into yer bottling bucket… Have yer cask yeast ready, rehydrated, then a drop per bottle, fill with brew, cap and lay them on their sides… roll them once a week… Pretend yer a very old English pub, and now you need to get a green brew up to drinking quality… Once every 2 months… chill and sample…

Thanks guys. After reading your suggestions, I’m thinking I’ll let it age a little longer without cold crashing. I will take Sneezles suggestion of rolling the bottles every week. Or play army men with them.

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