Bottle conditioning a lager

Hi, happy Sunday! Question is I brewed a Vienna Lager(thanks to Matt Naik for the basic idea) and it has bottle conditioned for 7 days and last night I tried one and seems good to go(excellent in fact with appropriate carbonation and clarity): so is there any benefit to further conditioning at room temp and is there possible detriment? Room temp here in Florida can be 72-76 even with theAC.

Brewing a Maerzen/Oktoberfest this morning :smiley:

IME 2 wks usually for a full and complete carb at low 70’s. After that keep as cool as possible, this has seemed to worked for me.

Thanks for the reply. Good easy lager to start with. Lotsa malty goodness! Dark amber color but you can literally read print through it. Lagered for over 5 weeks at 37 degrees.

After 7 days it may or may not be fully carbonated, but if the level is where you want it, you don’t need to let it go longer. So if it has enough bubbles, go ahead and put it in the cold. If you think it would benefit from a bit more carbonation, leave it for another week.

But don’t leave it warm for longer than it needs to carb.