Bottle color inquiry from a newbie

My husband and I are going to bottle our first batch of cabernet around Easter. I am so excited.

We’ve also begun a batch of Pinot Grigio to bottle later in April. Everything I read says that I should bottle in dark-colored bottles. We’d like to give some of the bottles as gifts, so we thought we would use clear bottles for some of the white wine. Is this okay, and are they okay to sit around for awhile in clear bottles? They would be stored in our dark, cool basement. Or should we avoid clear bottles altogether?

I appreciate the advice from your experience- thank you!

Clear bottles are just fine. If they were not, you would never see commercial wines in clear bottles.

The dark color bottles do serve a purpose, but really only make a difference over long term storange and aging. Since most whites are designed to be consumed young this is not an issue. Of course, regardless of bottle wine should always be stored in a dark cool place.

In my case I like to go with the traditional type of bottle for whatever style I do. Cabernets, Super Tuscans etc in Bordeaux bottles, Pinot noirs and chardonnays in brown burgundy bottles. Most whites in clear, except german styles (rieslings/ gewurztraminers etc) in tall green Hock bottles. Just for style rather than anything else. Though Bordeaux bottles are designed for properly decanting very old wines with sediment.

Thank you for your advice and reassurance that the clear bottles are okay. I do appreciate style as well, and I’d like these to have a nice presentation. Do you use cobalt blue bottles for anything? I’m going to make a sweet wine next, and thought the blue would look nice.

Never used Blue bottles myself, but have known a few people who use them. They can look pretty cool sometimes. If I had them lying around I might put a batch of sherry in them, but I really have no intention to add another type of bottle to my already oversized stockpile.

I also agree with holding true to style. However, I am not a fan of clear bottles. LIke strike can be a very big concern if you plan on giving a bottle to anyone who does not store properly. White wines are particularly vulnerable.
FWIW I commonly bottle country wines that I plan on gifting in cobalt blue bottles. Black shrink caps are a nice touch.