Bottle carbonation light after 20 days?

Its been 20 days since bottling and I would prefer a bit more carbonation. Will more time help or should I just chill it and drink it as is?

It’s a brown ale. I used 145 grams of corn sugar in 5.25 gals of beer. I’ve kept the bottles at about 73 F and shaken them every two or three days.

Thanks in advance for your help.

What were your OG & FG? And what yeast? Did you do a secondary or add finings? How long in the fermenter(s)?

It’s not unheard of to take that long or longer to carb fully; I only get scared when they carb too quickly. I say wait it out.

Besides, most of the brown ales I’ve made were better at 4-6 months.

OG 1.045, FG 1.008. In primary for 19 days, no secondary fermentation. Yeast is Danstar Nottingham Ale Yeast.