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Bottle Cap Size

I have three 750 mL bottles (one from Boulevard Brewing and two from Martinelli’s. Does anybody happen to know the size of the bottle cap and bell for the cappers?

I THINK this is what you should be looking for. I’m guessing you’ve checked regular caps already. ... -size.html

Alot of new US champagne style bottles now take standard caps. Older, european style, and some belgian bottles take 29mm caps.

and… ... agata.html

hmm, i have a 32oz dogfish bottle. I wonder if that will demand a different cap?

Pretty easy way to find out! :mrgreen:

I just went through this a couple weeks ago. After New Years I saved a couple dark green champagne bottles. After de-labeling them I tried the regular caps and realized they weren’t going to work. Ordered a bag of 29mm caps and the 29mm bell housing for the capper just to have. Between the two they only cost 5 or 6 bucks. Figured it was worth spending just to have around if needed, as long as you’re already paying to have other stuff shipped that is.

I’ve had some bottles that the 29MM caps fit too loose.

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