Bottle Both Fermentors?

I’m fermenting my first batch of homebrew. I had a problem syphoning to the secondary fermentor. I got about 3 gallons to the secondary. After struggling to get the syphon going again, I decided to airlock the primary fermentor and continue fermenting in both carboys.

I’m making a red IPA and dry hopped the secondary fermentor per the recipe. With only 3 of the 5 gallons in there, it could be a REALLY hoppy IPA!

Again, this is my first go, so my concern is when I get ready to bottle in a couple days. Do I mix the two versions together in the bottling bucket or adjust the priming solution and bottle each beer separately and basically make two different beers?

Thanks. Hopefully, I won’t screw up the syphoning w/ my next batch.

If you want two beers, use a priming calculator like the one here on our host’s site, and bottle separate. If you want 5 gl of the red IPA, put both in the bottling bucket together, then prime and bottle. Either way will be fine.

What was your problem in transferring the remaining beer from primary into the secondary? Was it just your set up, faulty equipment?

I think you will be better off mixing them to stay on point with the recipe. You could bottle seperatly if you want but you probably wouldn’t be able to duplicate the recipe of you care about that.