Bottle bomb!

a customer gave me some beer today, stone ris 2008, alesmith grand cru and stone smoked porter. when i got home i put the beer on my coffee table and was looking on the internet to see if i could find out how old the grand cru is, when boom the stone smoked porter blew up and shot glass every where. it scared the s#@t out of me

how does this happen? that beer was not bottle conditioned.

could it have got a crack on the way home from the bottles hitting each other?

just glad that my dog and i did not get hurt.

Were you perhaps yelling at it before you left the room?


If you don’t already know, what Shade is referring to is your caps lock is on.

Back to your exploding bottle. I would contact Stone and politely ask them. They may replace it or something. It is very possible that the bottle was damaged in transit but who knows.

Happy that you and your dog are OK.

and I’m sorry about the mess. That couldn’t be fun to clean up.


Sorry about the caps, wasn’t trying to yell at you guys.

Nothing like a nice dark porter on a light carpet. Took me a 1/2 hour and I’m still finding glass.


Other than loud noises causing spontaneous explosions of the bottles there are a few possibilities.

I would doubt that Stone would have had an infection when it left the brewery so I would almost wonder if the bottle was a counterfeit. Someone at some point in time filled it with another beer intentionally or unintentionally just reused the bottle for their own brew and some how it ended up in your hands.

Another possibility is improper storage. This bottle could have been left in the back seat of a car over the course of summer or any other number of things that could cause whatever was inside to re ferment.

Bad glass could do it too, perhaps it was as stated may have had a hair line fracture and when exposed to warmer temperatures it expanded.

Just glad that the dog did not pick up glass.


I know, I laughed out loud at work! Whoops!

I didn’t catch the caps thing and thought the joke was equating the bottle to a wife. You yell, they explode. Seen it many times, and it can be more messy than a porter on a white rug.