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Bottle Beer Question

I bottled my Irish Red about 2 weeks ago. I checked on them today and notice quite a bit of “stuff” floating around in the bottle. I had a little problem with my siphon and am worried that I got some trub in the bottles. Any way I can fix this at this point? Will it screw up taste? Only my second time bottling so I’m still learning. I will definitely be using a bottling bucket next brew.


Once it gets into the fridge, all that trub will settle out… you have to pour slowly/quietly… Other option… ceramic mug… Don’t worry, none of that trub in it won’t hurt you… In fact, all that fresh yeast… Its the same stuff in your daily vitamins… so, drink up! Sneezles61


Give it another week to finish carbing and put them in the refrigerator for a week the turb will settle down to the bottom of the bottle and you should be fine. It shouldn’t affect the taste of your finished beer.


I agree with Sneezles but I also say “Step it Up”

Don’t take me wrong,
I screwed around with priming sugar for 2 years before I moved to Kegs.
Reading up on all of the articles but the fact is that it is too unpredictable due to yeast vitality and wild yeast.
Carbonation is all over the map and10-20% become gushers after a few months.
Why? who knows, I sanitize everything and even baked my bottles before bottling.

I ask the question to a “Big Lake Brewery” owner (New Brewery downtown Holland MI),
“What do you think about bottling with priming sugar?”
He said “Don’t do it…”. He was right.

Once I upgraded to kegging and started using a beer gun, my bottled beers have been perfect.

I’ll keep that in mind while I continue to learn and brew more batches

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I will say, there are some excellent brewers on this forum who don’t plan on ever kegging, and produce some awesome product with priming sugar…it just takes getting the process down. My wife and I sit on the kitchen floor(literally) and do a batch of Hefe or Saison(big bottles a la Dupont) still a few times a year.

Disclaimer: I keg also and love it.


no debate there.

Tried one yesterday after 2 days in the fridge. Taste was great and very little noticable “floaties”. Thanks for the advice all

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