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Bottle 1 gallon batch in 1 gallon carboy

If I wanted to bottle my 1 gallon batch in a 1 gallon carboy how much priming sugar\fizz tabs would I want to use? I thinking I’d like to just be able to take a gallon or 2 with me to up coming holiday events.

Be very careful bottling in a container that is not made for pressure. Others on the forum who are more experienced than I will surely speak to this, but it sounds risky to me. ItsPossible had a thread not too long ago about getting a bomb by bottling in a growler.


Ron is correct, and even though I had some head space in the one gallon jug that could have played a part of the explosion. I Will NEVER recommend anyone doing this. I was VERY, VERY lucky myself or someone else was not seriously harmed. Not just a minor cut or such, you will be in the ER, NO JOKE!!! Also I carbed to a very low level and would never have expected a bomb in any way. But it simply is not meant for this operation…Please use tried and true bottling procedure. I went out on a limb on this experiment as I never found the info needed and I am a experienced brewer, now that the experiment is complete please heed my warning.
See my prior thread.


Use some soda bottles. No worries of them breaking in transit. And you can toss them when done and not worry about bringing them home to reuse.

I was worried about a bomb so I’m glad I asked! Thank you!

You could always buy a few stainless steel growlers and use those. I have heard some people have issues with the caps sealing well enough but I have heard from other that do not.

Or save a couple of 2L soda bottles, clean them out and fill with beer. There are priming sugar calculators out there to help you determine the amount of sugar to use to prime. Just don’t use root beer containers - hard to get the flavor out.

Or get “bomber” 22oz bottles as you’ll only need 6 of them or something. I’ve used the 20oz soda bottles and they work, but it seems that they make the beer taste funny sometimes.

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