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Botched Barley Wine

I didn’t botch the batch, but I didn’t read the instructions on the kit first and added all 12 lbs of malt at the beginning of the boil (called for 3lbs and 9lbs late addition @ 15min). Nothing I can do about it now, so I’ll see what it comes out like. Was curious what impact this is going to have?

This is the first kit that called for a late malt addition that I’ve done. Will be more careful in the future…

Don’t worry. You didn’t ruin anything

The late addition will give you better hop utilization and lighter color

Yeah, I knew about the color impact, that I’m not worried about. Was more curious about the impact on the flavor. I read-up on late malt additions and it mentioned the impact on hop utilization. Mostly it said there would be a slight reduction in bitterness (makes sense). Not a big deal for me since I like the sweeter/maltier beers anyways - see my signature =)

Was wondering if anyone could offer more insight into how this affects the hops and flavor profile?

Double sweet because you reduced your hop utilization and increased carmelization by having all that heavy wort in the entire boil. If you kept it moving this shouldn’t be too bad but if you were going for a sweeter barley wine in the first place, this one might be a bit too sweet even for you. Only time will tell. If it turns out to your liking, don’t age it too long as bitterness tends to mellow with aging, further compounding over sweetness if that’s indeed a problem. If not, I read barley wine’s can be aged 10 years or more!

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