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Bootlegger fermentation bottle


More on the technology here: Looks like the real story is those beads can increase the fermentation rate & yield pretty appreciably. I imagine that’s gotta have an impact on the flavor of the final product, not sure if it’d be good or bad.

Interesting that they say HFCS doesn’t ferment well in the instructions. Glucose and fructose are two of the most fermentable sugars. Wonder what’s going on there.

I’d play with one.

why don’t the bootlegger bottles explode under the pressure? if I were to add sugar would they?

The seal’s probably not tight enough - as pressure builds it’ll push the lid up just enough to let some gas out.

Instructions say you have to add sugar.

First of all I automatically get negative vibes from these two statements.

A. “our patent-pending encapsulation method”

B. “the core technology was invented at this land grant University”

And of course the fact that its another kickstarter.

A. Encapsulated yeast has already been used in the wine industry for over a dozen years and has a specific purpose. Typically used in stuck, extreme SG like dessert wines and used for easily being able to remove the yeast when making wines with residual sugar required. There are reasons the commercial industry has not used these for main stream wine production. So their “discovery” is nothing new and not proprietary to these guys.

B. How many of our tax dollars went forth to helping these guys realize and “discover” this already established encapsulation method that is most likely already patented by Scott labs.

C. You can actually encapsulate yeast at home, there are a few threads floating around the net already showing you how to do it. So If your inclined to donate to their kickstarter and want so badly to try this out, do some searching and try it today without donating a cent.

This is not new and is already patented.

Thank you Daniel,

Good research. I knew it was probably patented before Scott labs starting selling a version, now this explains it very well.

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