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Boosting alcohol

This might be a stupid thought, but here goes…
I brewed an Rye PA yesterday, it came up a little low, arright a lot low, I wanted 1.058 I got 1.040. Soooo… if I were to make another mini mash, maybe boil up some LME and add it to the fermenter, will that give the yeast enough to up the gravity? or will it mess up the whole thing?

If you are trying to add the same profile, you can go to that trouble of mini mashing grains, but you could just add the LME to a little water and add it to the fermenting beer after chilling it to the ferment temp. It’s hard to know how you missed the mark so far with an extract batch…volume issues?

Oops I missed that you did an all grain batch! Either volumes or conversion efficiency were way off?

You could a pound of table sugar that adds 8 points it will get you a little closer.

@ynot: you naied I had BOTH volume and conversion (actually sparging!) issues. If I boil up a pound of sugar and add it to the fermenter that should get my volume up and my gravity points, good call. Will it have any adverse effects? Also is there a time line I should be on for this? If I wait a week is it too late? Should I do it today?

I like to add sugar at high krausen or soon after. I may make your final gravity go lower than planed

You ought to rethink and start over.

Add the sugar - added to a couple cups of water, then boiled and cooled - at or about high krausen, so that the yeast consume all of the maltose before you give them the sugar buzz. No matter how tired, they will eat the cake!

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