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Booming Bottles

I have a batch of Chinook IPA that I’ve been pulling out from time to time throughout the year. It was brewed 11/15/10…bottled on 12/14/10. I’ve had no issues with any 12 ounce bottles, or flip tops that I’ve enjoyed from this batch. However recently I got into the 22s that I bottled. 4 have been stored in a Wine fridge at 42 degrees. So far all 3 that I have opened have foamed like a volcano, instantly…and so fast I need to wait for it to stop. I’m lucky to get 3/4 of a pint of beer from the 22. The beer I’m able to salvage is still as delicious as all the other Chinooks that I remember from the 12 ounce bottles.

Any ideas as to why this is suddenly happening?

I typically will bottle a case of 12 ounce bottles and make the 2nd a mix of 22s and 1/2 and full liter flip-tops for entertaining and gifts. to date, I’ve never had this problem with and other brew.

If the beer in the bigger bottles tastes the same as the 12 ozers, I’d guess that either you didn’t completely mix the priming sugar and the later bottles got more sugar than the earlier, or, the beer wasn’t fully fermented and the bottles that have been sitting a long time had more yeast activity.

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