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Boom Island Mpls, MN

Anyone here sampled any of the Boom Island offerings in MN?
I see Ale Jail in St Paul carries their 750’s.

I had their Belgian Pale at Winterfest and it was good. I’m looking forward to seeing more from them as their story is intriguing. From what I understand, they are very small so I don’t see them having a ton of beer out there in the early stages. I’m a big proponent of supporting the local guys IF they are making good beer. I had a couple of beers at Winterfest that I immediately thought, “these guys shouldn’t make it” as it gives the craft movement a bad name.

I have also had the Belgian Pale and it was really good, and i’m not a big belgian fan.

So after trying their IPA, Thoprock (sp), I would say it is far different flavor-wise than the other locally made ipas. Plenty of room for the malt to play and a very fruity belgian yeast presence.
Really wish i would’ve taken notes…this description is vague but I definitely would recommend it.

Looks like I need to do an A/B between the Thoprock from here and the West Side from Harriet!!! :cheers:

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