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Book / Resource for Brewing with Spices

Hi all,

BLUF: I’ve been unable to find an authoritative book on brewing with spices.

I figured this would exist since I have all the basic home brewing books (Water, Yeast, Hops, Malt, How to Brew, Beer Bible). Any suggestions out there? So far I’ve scoured the internet where information varies wildly.

Here is a start for you is a great book has recipes and section on spices and more

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Did you checkout the AHA forums? Also, Zymurgy Magazine (2000 - present) has a couple of articles (over 15 years) on spiced beers (other then pumpkin ale articles).

I haven’t seen anything as definitive as you may be looking for; however, I suggest Randy Mosher’s book “Radical Brewing.” He has a few good sections on spices and herbs.

Same here did search the web. Did type in spiced beer. Find a forum they do sort of explain on what to use and prepare

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