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Bomber Barleywine 1 gallon/ yeast question

New brewer here. 8 days ago I brewed the 1 gallon Bomber Barleywine kit, but decided to change the recipe a little bit. In addition to pound of gold malt extract and pond of amber malt extract, I steeped a 1/2 pound of caramel 10L, and added some extra hops as well. It looks like everything is fermenting away, just a little slower than my other batches. My question is this: once the airlock activity ceases, I’m going to be transferring it to secondary, and was wondering if I should pitch a little extra yeast or not. My brewing app says my ABV should be around 9.1%. I have the Denny’s Favorite yeast that I was saving for a IIPA recipe I came up with, and was going to pick up some champagne yeast if I need to. So should I just transfer it and leave it, or should I pitch a little more yeast? If I should add more yeast, which would be my best bet? Thanks in advance for any help.

I used the yeast that came with the kit. Safale US-05. Forgot to add that.

Why would you need to add more yeast? You should be pitching enough yeast at the beginning. The only time you would need to add more yeast is if you get a stuck fermentation (almost 100 batches in and I’ve yet to have one) or if you do extended aging or cold conditioning, like 6 months or more and need to add a little yeast at bottling. Anything less than that and there’s no need to add extra yeast.

Wasn’t sure if the original yeast would handle the higher ABV. Figured it would be better to ask instead of killing a batch.

Nah… 9% is fine for any yeast I know of. When you get up to 10-12% range is when that could be a problem.

Awesome. Thanks for the help. Saved me a trip.

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