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Boiloff rate test?

Hello I did a test run with my brew kettle. I boil 5gal of water for 15min an I then turn off the propane burner an I let the water cool down a little bit an then pour it into my plastic fermenter that has gallon’s marking on it now I am waiting for it to continue to cool before I see how much I boiloff in that 15mins. Now did I screwup by not leaving it to cool in the brew pot?

I don’t see a screwup. What are you worried about?

No problem. Here. Haha make sure cool your water or wort. Before adding to your fermentor. It might melt. Mmmm how do i know this. Me did find out. My boil of rate. Start with 7.7 gal. Finish boil. End up with 6 gal. I do let the burner run full power

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