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Boiling StarSan

Hello All
I was wondering if anybody has ever boiled a starsan/water solution? Is there anything potential dangerous health/safety wise toward humans? Will it still be chemically stable as a sanitizer when it is hot and when it cools down. Nothing on the bottle says not to boil it. Any facts or opinions anybody?

Don’t know the answer, but I gotta ask, why do you want to boil starsan??

Well honestly I made a CFC out of an old IC so I had to straighten out the copper. Then when i was soldering the CFC connection for the hot water in/out I had to clean the copper and use the brush to clean off the oxide to make a good solder so that it wouldn’t leak. I was cutting the pieces down and cleaning them because i was using piping that was sitting in my garage so they were dirty. So i figured i wanted everything to look good and clean so i mixed a solution of 75/25 of white vinegar/water and boiled it until it was shiny. Then i proceeded to clean and prepped the joints as normal for soldering. After i soldered everything together and recleaned it, i figured that i needed to clean/check the insides of the CFC so i figured i was going to have to sanitize the insides So i figured well white vinegar is as acidic as starsan and i used it to clean my IC before to make it shine on the outside. So i figured why couldn’t i near/boil starsan and let it run through the wort in/out and the water in/out to clean it out as much as possible.

TLDR room temp star san makes copper shine… hot water makes copper shiny… so hot water plus starsan should make copper shiny and clean.

Why not just stick it in a bucket of vinegar water and soak it over nite. That’s what I do with ic occasionally and it works great. I don’t understand what the heat is supposed to do?

Hot water is more corrosive then cold water so the copper will clean faster in hot.

I would e-mail 5 Star. They have promptly responded to me in the past.

I don’t see any reason to boil the StarSan. There will be no extra sanitation benefit, and I doubt even warming it will increase the cleaning performance much more than just an extended soak.

There is nothing that is going to be inside that tubing that a soak or recirculation in hot PBW followed by a normal sanitizer won’t fix. The vinegar and water cleaning is a solid and cheap idea as well, but finish the job with standard processes just like you’d do before or after brewing.

I think the phosphoric acid component would be fine, not so sure about the little bit of surfactant.

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