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Boiling Mort

First off i know…this part is probably the easiest but i believe my question to be unique…maybe. But im a first time brewer and very excited to brew my first batch…i received my essential homebrew kit yesterday but when i came from work today to start the process i find that i do not have a 5 Gal stock pot but instead only 2 4 Gal pots. My question is can i spilt the ingredients into two pots and then combine them both in the fermentation bucket? I didnt want to just do it and then ruin my brew kit and have to wait for another in the mail. Or is it absolutely necessary that i use a 5 Gal pot being that i wont fill it the the brim with water…if im not mistaking its so that the froth from the boil doesnt boil over with easy…i could be wrong but that was my assumption. Any answers or suggestions would be appriciated.

annnnnd i just realized i put “mort” instead of “wort”…i feel like an idiot…but i promise im not that stupid…simple typo. lol

Yes it should work just fine

You’re fine.
Keep in mind that you probably aren’t boiling all 5-6 gallons, which would be a full boil.
You’re probably only going to need 2.5 - 3 gallons to boil, which is a partial boil, for your recipe. Do this, then top of the carboy with water at the end.
Check your recipe instructions… It probably says to go this route.
Extract brewers usually do this, then those who do more are the ones doing full boils

Upon reading more throughly the instructions that came with the kit…which only makes sense to do…i found that it wasnt absolutely necessary that i have a 5 Gal pot…so i proceeded to make, boil and add the yeast to the wort, which is now sitting in a closet to ferment! Cant wait for it to be done!

Don’t sweat it…check out the link below to a NY Daily News article about a new brewery opening in the Bronx.

About halfway down, the reporter describes the brewing process where, coincidentally, “mort” makes another appearance (with “hop jack”)! :mrgreen:


I always thought Mort was a jerk too… boil him.

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