Boiler to Primary Trub

A couple batches ago I started using a converted keg as my boiler. I have a valve built in the side and a copper tube attaches to it inside that extends to the center of the keg. On the bottom of the tube I cut a series of slits or saw kerfs (I found this design somewhere online). Problem is that this design siphons almost everything into my primary. Is this a bad design? Suggested modifications? (I know some try to put everything in the primary but I try harvesting the yeast and all this trub makes it more difficult)



Bend or flip the tube so your pick-up point is higher. It’s not a big deal for it to get in there, other than messing with your yeast harvesting.

Back when I used to use a converted keg for a boiler, I tried a pick up tube the first few times with mixed results. I ended up doing away with it. I’d let the keg drain until very little was coming out then gently tip it to get the remaining wort and quit when the hops and break got to the outlet. I also scale my recipes to 5.5 gallons (kind of a PITA if you only brew kits) so some can be left behind and I’ll still get 5+ gallons in the fermenter. I use one of these too:

It catches most of what little trub that gets through and really helps aerate the wort.

Thanks for the info. I guess I can first try to rotate the tube and then if results aren’t good try the tipping method w/o a tube.


I’m thinking of switching to a keggle over the Christmas break and I was thinking of making the pick-up tube short and bent towards the side of the keg. I was hoping that after I whirlpooled most of the hops would end up in the middle and the tube would be able to avoid most of the trub.