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Boiled water temp to add sugar

Just wondering how much do I let the boiled water cool off before adding the sugar? How much water works the best to mix the 5 ounces in before adding to bottling bucket?

My first bottle session, thanks for any help

You only need a cup or so, and temperature doesn’t matter much. It’ll be easier to dissolve the sugar when the water is hot, but that’s about it.

ok thanks

Maybe I am starting to sound like a broken record…

Bottle 1 soda bottle with your glass bottles. Squeeze the air out and screw the cap on. As the beer carbonates you will see the bottle expand. No need to open the glass bottles to see how things are progressing.

This is also good when you can plan ahead for poker parties, camping trip… Fill some 2ltr bottles for traveling. No worries about breaking glass.

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