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Boil-off rate?

Hello I have a question about boil-off rate’s in beersmith mobile. My question is what a good starting point to enter into the beersmith mobile equipment profile. I know each persons system is different but Like I am asking what’s a good middle of the road number to start off with?


10% would be 0.60gal per hour right?

For 6 gallons pre-boil, yes.

Boil vigor and batch size also matter a lot. Most people I know boiloff at about 15% per hour for 5- or 6-gallon batches with a strong vigorous boil. However some will go as low as 8-10%.

Meanwhile, I’m a small batch guy of just ~2-gallon batches and my boiloff is around 28% most of the time, although recently I’ve been playing around with a slow simmer vs. the hard rolling boil that I always did in the past, so perhaps I can get that down into the 10-15% range with a slow simmer. I probably should be doing that to emulate more closely what commercial breweries are doing, which is around 5-8% if memory serves.

Check your notes to identify your typical pre-boil volume.
Add the typical volume of water to your boil kettle and boil for your normal boil time. The water lost is a good starting point for your anticipated boil-off.

I doubt this brewer is paying attention… You have a starting point… and an ending point… You also have a desired gravity at the ending point… if you can’t figure out how to compensate for that, then you need to review your brewing notes… pay attention to ALL the details… All the questions will yield you squat if you aren’t checking, understanding , paying attention to the whole process… Sneezles61

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