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Bohemian 2124 from ale to lager?

I have wanted to try brewing an ale with 2124 since brewing tv did an episode on pseudo ale lagers. So to anyone who’s tried it, how was it? Was it really more clean than 1056?

My main concern is repitching from ale temps to lager temps since I like to brew both. I know some folks do lager starters at ale temps. I always do mine at lager temps. So will pitching this yeast from ale to lager possibly cause any problems?

I like the idea of 1 strain for lagers and ales. I am just not sure if pitching back and forth between the 2 will be risky.

so if you have lagering capabilities why not just ferment it as a lager? Is this just a curiosity test? I’ve been curious about this yeast as well since that episode and have had a few beers lined up for that style that I just haven’t got around to. Instead I’ve been doing a lot of hybrid beers with San Francisco Lager yeast and Kolsch yeast.

It is partly curiosity. But I also want to get yeast cell count up quickly for my lagers next brew day. Thus eleminating the need for a starter or multiple smack packs since lagers require higher pitching rates. I know many claim to do lager starters warmer temp with no I’ll effect. I guess the same should hold true if I do my first pitch in a low gravity ale thinking of it as a starter for my lagers. But I have only made lager starters at cold temps never warm. So does my plan sound good?

I had harvested 0830 which is the same strain as 2124 and had no ale yeast and decided to just pitch the 830 and ferment at 50F. The IPA turned out good, very clean and on the dry side no typical ale fruitiness.

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