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BMB Universal Lid

Is there a trick to keep the Universal Lid to say on the Big Mouth Bubbler?
I am on my second batch with the BMB (plastic) that came with a Universal Lid. About daily during the first week or so of both batches I have had to push the lid back on. It keeps pushing up and is just barely sits on top of the BMB. Looks like they use to have a screw on lid and went to this design. Was there a problem with the old design? Right now I wished I had the older lid.

10 minutes ago I solved this problem…10# Olympic weight plate…set on top of lid and put your airlock in…done :grinning:

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That would do it, I will look at getting the same thing setup.
I still think they have a design issue with it.

Definite issue…mine had star San on it and would not stay in at all.

Me use the older style. Bigmouth bubbler. With the screw on top. But this gives issues as well. Did find out. So now make sure. Use some lubrication on the bubbler before i put the top on . My buddy and i getting ready to replace the bubblers with alloy 6 gal me still happy with the orignal plastic bucket i did buy first time

Hey! Northern Brewer! Did you read Wilco’s post? Did you hear the message?

You sold a product with a flaw. You are responsible for fixing the flaw. If you do not fix the flaw, your reputation will suffer and your sales will suffer.

Not to hijack…but does anybody know if the gallon markings on the BMB’s are accurate?

Pretty close. Did a test. Ad water from 1 gal to five gal. At the five gallon mark. Had to add a bit more

. Second batch with plastic big mouth (only used glass big mouth till now)…acronym … K.I.S.S…Keep It Simple Stupid…lol

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