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BMB Question

New brewer doing 1 gallon extracts. Is it normal for wort to seep out of around the edges of a BMB lid? I have noticed dried wort on the outside of my BMB while fermenting. It didn’t come through the airlock/hose. Could it have just moved from the lid after I vigorously oxidated the wort before pitching?

Could have seeped through a bit if you were shaking it. Make sure the foam seal is in the lid.

The big mouth bubbler. Have the tendencies to leak. I use christlube a food grade. Lubrication. Around the treat. Before i seal the bubbler. Real tight as i can seems to work that way

Just to confirm what lid we’re talking about: you have this one?

Yep that’s the one. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something that I hadn’t anticipated. It doesn’t seem to have effected the beer at all.

Next time you order, pick up some of these:

They’ll come in handy.

I do have the 6.5 gallon

Got the 6.5 gallon the one with the blue top

Yes (pretty much what @voltron said).

Before I added 5 gallon batch sizes to my hobby, I brewed a lot of batches with the 5 qt bubbler. A couple of observations from a couple of years of use:

  • The 5 pack of gaskets (99 cents) is cheap insurance. I bought them - but haven’t needed one yet.
  • When cleaning, pay attention to the threads on the inside of the lid. I typically remove the gasket when rinsing the lid.
  • Pay attention to the ribs on the inside of the bubbler. Early on in my use, I occasionally missed stuck trub when cleaning the bubbler after bottling.

[quote=“pills91, post:1, topic:24034, full:true”]Could it have just moved from the lid after I vigorously oxidated the wort before pitching?

Oxygenated the wort. Oxygenate = good. Oxidation = bad. Oxidation is introducing O2 after fermentation. :wink:

Make sure you clean the lid and threads well or it could cause problems with infection later.

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