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Anyone get scoresheets from the Bluebonnett brew off yet? I am still waiting and wondering what is up. When I log in there are no scores under my entries and judging was a week ago.

I attended the event in person. They basically rebuilt their whole database this year and it caused a delay in getting the scoresheets out. Usually you can pick them up on Sunday morning when you check out of the hotel but they didnt have any of them ready to go and they planned on mailing all of them out. I would think they should be in the mail no later than next week. I can check with some buddies over on the North TX Homebrewers forum and see if they have any inside info.

I got mine today.

According to my sources, most of the sheets were mailed last week. You should be seeing yours soon.

Thanks mtodd, where I live it usually takes an extra day or 2!

I got mine in the mail on Saturday in Houston so you should see yours soon.

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