Blueberry Wine Recipe/ideas

I want to make a blueberry wine from my “Pink Lemonade Blueberry” plants and am trying to figure out the best recipe. Recipes I’ve looked up say part fresh blueberries part juice concentrate or fresh crushed blueberries w/basic wine kit. However, I was wondering if anyone has made blueberry (or any fruit) wine from 100% fresh blueberry juice w/its crushed skins. Has anyone tried it, does it come out better/worse with or without added concentrate or does fruit unlike grapes not have enough tannins or whatever to produce a flavorful wine on its own? Any help, ideas or recipes would be greatly appreciated.

Most blueberry wine recipes use grape concentrate to add body to the wine. If you used 100% juice you would run into issues with the acidity. You have other options to the concentrate, but I would not use a 100% juice.