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Blueberry Wheat

I have a wheat that has been in the primary for about 3 weeks now. I am looking to add frozen blueberries to the secondary. It is a 5 gallon batch. I am looking at using frozen berries.

How many pounds of berries should I use? How long in the secondary?


I haven’t used blueberries, but i have used raspberries and cherries. I would probably add about 5lbs and let it ferment out (may take up to a week or so). You might want to put the berries in a sanitized paint strainer bag to prevent the berry residue from clogging siphons, etc.

I used 8 lbs. in 3 gals. of farmhouse ale. Way to much. It’s good, but tastes like wine, not beer. The color came out great, though.

5 in 5 might be a good start.

I just made a blueberry ale that had a fair bit of wheat in it.

Basically I added 1 can (3+ lbs) of blueberry puree and another 3 pounds of frozen, crushed blueberries. I added it after a week or so in Primary because with that volume of additions and the renewed fermentation, it would overwhelm my 5 gallon carboy. Glad I did because I get incredible foam and blow off. The beer finished pretty dry and I was not crazy about the first few out of the keg, but with a little age, it is getting real nice.

I did also add a little extract for aroma and flavor because it was so dry. It really helped.

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