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Blueberry Wheat Update

A few weeks back I posted about a Blueberry Wheat I was going to try.


I tweaked the recipe per recomendations.

6 Lb Liquid Wheat Extract
3 Lb Wheat DME
1 oz Hersbrucker 60min
Wyeast 1010 American Wheat

Secondary after 2 weeks
3lb Blueberry Puree
4.5lb Frozen Blueberries

My OG was 1.064 and after 2 weeks in the fermentor at around 60-62’F, my FG came out to be 1.014 putting me near the 6.6% range. It tasted pretty good out of the fermentor, then I added the berries and had another taste. Seems like this one will work out! Ill let it sit another 2 weeks, then keg and maybe add some blueberry extract for aroma if I think I need it.

How did you treat the frozen blueberries when you added?

All I did was let them thaw, dipped the outside of the bags in my starsan solution, poured the contents in, and crushed them up with a large sanitised spoon.

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