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Blueberry Muffin

Not the kind of beer i drink but the idea popped into my head figure ill try either way its a good opportunity to do a small all grain batch(ive done partial mash and extract) and test some new ingredients.

2.5 gallon batch

What im thinking is
4 pounds floor-malted marris otter
.5 pounds biscuit or victory havent decided
.5 of a crystal 60

.5 Oz Sazz at 60 minutes

For yeast something clean like wyeast 1056 to let the blueberry shine.

Then the blueberry, im not sure the best way to do it thats where im hoping to get some suggestions. I def dont want a purple blueberry fruit beer im looking for more i slight taste of blueberry while still haveing it taste like beer

Any feed back/suggestions are welcome… :cheers:

yyyeeeeaaaarrrrsss ago I made a great blueberry wheat/pale with 4oz of blueberry extract. it took 3rd in fruit beer in the Sheldon Jackson Memorial (SNAFU comp). it had a slight blueberry flavor with no discoloration. this might be what you’re looking for. and at that small volume, I’d use only 1.5-2oz of the extract & drop the biscuit/victory to about 4oz.

Thanks man. Im going to take your advice on cutting the biscuit down, at least in half. Ive never used i dont wanna over power it, but i want that flavor to be pretty up front. Is the taste strong enough that with 8th oz i would still get a noticable bready/biscuit thing going? As for the extract NB has one ill probably go with that 1-1.5 oz at bottling.

with the small amounts of everything else, the reduced amount of biscuit should be no problem. you could always do a 5 gallon batch, ferment normal, bottle half normal, then on last half add the extract.

Not a bad idea, pretty much what I do pm with late extract. You think the beer would be nice on it’s own? Not that it really matters to me but would it fit any particular style? Maybe just transfer 3 gallons to my 3gal carboy and dry hop it for an easy drinking ale?

that sounds pretty good. as for style, it’d be like an American Amber without the IBU’s.

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