Blueberry extract

I plan on making a blueberry wheat beer soon with NB American wheat kit and their blueberry extract. My question is, when and how much of the blueberry extract should I add? Also, should I just add the extract or should I supplement it with fresh fruit?

I want a wheat beer with a noticeable blueberry flavor - but not sickenly sweet…


Fresh fruit gets complicated and blueberry is so mild of a flavor I’d just use the extract. Start with half the bottle and then add more to taste. Really you just want a hint of blueberry, it compliments the wheat beer that way.

I brew batches of American wheat or cream ale and the wife adds Da Vinci syrups by the glass. Lots of flavor options that way, and you can add to taste.

Whenever I brew a wheat beer with a fruit extract, I put the entire 4-5 oz bottle in the bottling bucket. Always works for me.


go with some fresh blueberries or a can of the puree. The extract stuff is horrible tasting IMO syrpy, medicinal.
You cold go with fresh and then just a tad of extract if it is not where you want it.

I did just that on a blueberry blonde a few years ago and it turned out pretty good.

Excellent! Thanks for the replies…

I’ll just go with the extract for now and experiment with fresh fruit the next time…

FWIW if you decide to go the puree route a typical addition would be in the 1/4lb-1/2lb per gal range.

Awesome, thanks!

I was error on the side of caution when using extract. If kegging, I’ll pour half of the bottle into the keg before racking the beer on top. After carbing I’ll give it a try. If not where I want it I’ll add more.