Blue moon recipe?

Anyone happen to have a good recipe for a blue moon stile beer? LME would be best and not all grain, i could do some steeping grains though. just not comfortable doing all grain brews yet.

the Wit from our host:

I did NB’s wit and it came out better than Blue moon!

Probably not all that hard to do. :slight_smile:

I’m sure if you want it to taste more like Blue Moon, you could make 10 gallons from a 5 gallon kit. bwahahaha!!!

but seriously, try our host’s Wit.

The only thing that could make a Blue Moon worse is an orange slice on the rim of the glass.

The Witbeer recipe from NB is really good. From personal experience throw the Corriander and the orange peel into a hop sack because it will clog your siphon when you rack from your kettle to your fermenter.

I had seen Blue Moon Belgian Pale Ale at the liquor store today. if they sold singles, I would have at least tried it once.

Most everything you want to know about brewing Blue Moon (as described by the person who helped create/fine-tune the beer) can be found here: