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Just experienced my first overflow during fermentation. Not too bad, I caught it pretty early I think. This is my first batch since early spring!

Had been way too hot all summer so did not brew anything. I’ve had stuff to do a Kolsch all summer but never could find the time or cooperation of the weather!.

Anyway, made a stirplate during the downtime, and a starter last thursday. Was on the plate for several days and brewed on Sunday. I think I pitched way more than necessary for the 5 gal batch!

My guess is all that yeast took off and had no where else to go but out! Last night I installed a blowoff tube and it was bubbling like a punctured innertube! This mornings check it was still going strong but no more overflow.

I hope this means a nice beer more quickly! :cheers:

It will and I think you’ll be able to tell a big difference in a beer that you pitched a good amount of yeast.
Congrats on your first blowoff and catching it early!

Just start with a blow off tube and never have to worry about it.

I agree with this. Usually I leave the blow-off tube in place for the first 72-96 hours (depending on activity) then remove and put standard airlock in place for remainder of fermentation.

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