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Blowout tube blew off

I brewed a fairly big English ale, around 8% sometime over the night, the vigorous fermentation blew the blow off tube clean off of the top of the carboy. Aside from a huge mess, my brew was unprotected by an airlock for I’m not sure how long. It is in a fridge and it smelled fine in there. Still bubbling like crazy with a monster kreusen at the top. Has anyone had this happen and did their beer get contaminated?

i never had this happen. I don’t think you need to worry. Krausen coming out means nothing will likely go in.

That’s what I was hoping for. It’s really coming out. I can’t imagine it getting infected. Time will tell.

As @flars said there ain’t anything getting in there and with that active of a fermentation it is being out competed. Your beer will be just fine. Make sure your monitoring this fermentation temps as severe, violent fermentation is an indicator of too high fermentation temps.

I’ve got it in a fridge with a thermostat. I turned it down 2 degrees.

Loopie, Im not so sure the temps are too warm… I get them blow offs with this Australian yeast I use… I let mine start to ferment then I turn the freez-mentor down to 62-63… If I was sure that there wasn’t contamination, I could collect the yeast that blows off into the water locker… Sneezles61

I didn’t realize he was using a temp controlled fridge. But even then people need to realize that ferm temps can easily rise 5° above ambient in a regular OG beer. In a higher OG beer I’ve seen temps rise 10°+ over ambient.

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