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Blowoff question

I brewed an AG Guinness Extra Stout Clone this past weekend and since I had so much grain and a starter, I decided to put a blowoff hose in my brew bucket. For the frist 3 days, it blew bubbles in the Star San I had in the bucket quite nicely, but has really slowed. My question is, should I go ahead and put an airlock on, or would I be better off to leave well enough alone with the blowoff hose? In my mind, I think I’d take a risk of introducing something nasty by removing the hose.


No harm leaving it on but as long as fermentation is still in progress at all the outward pressure will prevent anything bad from getting it. I would pull the blow off set up and put on a sanitized airlock. Buckets are notorious for lid leaks anyway.

OK, thanks! I will put on a sanitized airlock when I get home.

Paul :o

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