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Blown out electric range?

Has anyone blown out or had problems with one burner or an entire elective range due to the weight of a full 5 gallon kettle or time that it is on a high temperature for when making wort?

And yes, it happened to me tonight.

I have heard of the heat from the bottom of the kettle reflecting back and melting the wires to the burner.

Yes i destroyed my primary burner on my range, it took about 4 years to do it though.

@ipa, that is exactly what looks like happened.

@Wahoo, this stove has been in use 4 years in August, but this burner has only done 1 batch.

Does your stove have a solid flat top or do you have the circular elements? The circular elements can be replaced easily.

That is true but what i destroyed was not the element, but the jack that the element plugs into. I rode this stove hard.

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