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Blow off

I’m making my very first batch…of course i get blow off.

I set up the blow off tube. My question is do I leave it that way, or do I go back to the original set up at some point?


Either or. A blow off tube is one large air lock.

I am in the school that the less you need to touch things the better. if you don’t have to move thigns around don’t - I would leave the blow off for the full time

Unless it gets caked with stuff and gets nasty. Then when things settle down, I put on and airlock so I can soak and clean the blow off tube

I just put a blow off tube on all of my beers and leave it till they are crash cooled.

All the above work. I also like to clean it after a nasty blowoff. If I don’t need it, I’ll leave it on until kegging.

Congrats on your first batch. :cheers:

The choice is yours as most of the others have said. You can leave that blowoff tube on there for the entire fermentation as long as it doesn’t get all caked up inside to the point where it clogs up. If you’re using a large diameter blow off, that shouldn’t happen. I personally prefer to install an airlock once the fireworks are over, but that’s just a personal preference since I brew in my office and don’t want to look at a bucket of crud next to my fermenter.

Congrats on your first brew! Keep it up, it’s a great hobby!


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