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Blow off using 3 piece airlock

After reading a post on using a 3 piece airlock to attach a blow off tube I decided I give it a shot. When I was at the hardware store I connect the airlock to a 5/8" OD x 1/2" vinyl tube and it was a snug fit. I couldn’t get it off in the store so I bought it. I tried to get it off at home running it under hot water with no luck pulling it off so I cut the tubing off of the airlock.

I tried attaching it again after running it under hot water. I let it sit about a minute and couldn’t pull it off. I tried running the contraption under hot water, still couldn’t get it off. Any suggestions? Can I attach it and leave it? Also, I scratched the outside of the tube that the gases come out inside the airlock when cutting off the vinyl tube, can I still use this airlock since I did crack or am I risking infection if the wort comes in contact with it during a blow off?

Once the hose is on, leave it - I keep four like this and just drop the whole thing in the StarSan bucket before use. And don’t worry about the post.

I’ve used keg lube on them and still had a difficult time trying to get it off, broke one in fact, so I also just leave them on.

I had the same problem when I made one for my hefe… I actually was afraid to use the tubing again as it had crudded everything up inside the tube… I guess I should have tried to soak the tubing but I just cut it off the 3 pc and threw it out ha…

If your three piece airlock has a “sectioned” nose for insertion into the bung, you might want to open that up to allow a freer flow, as well - it keeps the crud from clogging as easily.


I can’t get mine off either - I just throw the whole thing in pbw and starsan.

Soak it in hot water.

Run it under hot water.

Then try pushing it “on a little farther” to break the seal. Once the seal gets broken, you “should” be able to pull it back off.

Good Luck.

Skip the blowoff tube and pick up a bottle of Fermcap. Totally eliminates blowoff issues as well as boil-overs too, and does not impact the finished beer in any way I can tell. :cheers:

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