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Blow off tube

Hi all,
New brewer here only my second batch. I have dead ringer in primary only the second day. My question is is it ok to just use a blow off tube instead of an air lock. (My dog got a hold of my air lock and used it as a chew toy) so will I be fine or should I get an airlock and put it on. Thanks in advance for any replies

A blow off hose is perfectly fine, and safer.

I also have a question re blow-off tubes. If I am fermenting 2 different worts is there any harm if both hoses share the same star san filled pail?

Nope. No problems.

Only rare concerns are:
1)Size of the hose. A thin, long narrow hose can clog.
2)If you get a lot of blow off, you might want to change the water/starsan after awhile.
3)If you move it to a colder room, its possible for the liquid in the bucket to reverse. I had a messy cherry cider that I moved to a colder room
and a good portion of starsan sucked back up the hose into my fermenter.

Much appreciated. I’m new to home brewing and appreciate all the help I can get from the forums.

Yeah, I use one until I need it for another beer, or if I have a messy blowoff.

They’re easier to clean if they haven’t sat for a couple of weeks.

Thanks to all the replies. I really appreciated all if your guys advice. You all have helped me tremedously. Can’t thank you all enough.

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