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Blow off tube

I want to make the Wee heavy Scottish Ale but from what I have heard it can blow your airlock off and a Blow off tube may be needed. Size? Why does this hold any better than an airlock?

A blow off tube allows the krausen and yeast to flow through the tube into a sanitized container. If you just use an airlock, the krausen will spill out all over the place and make a mess and that’s best case. Worst case, your airlock clogs and the build up of pressure behind it blows the lid of your bucket or bug out of your carboy. Then you’ll have a BIG mess. Go to you tube and search for fermentation explosions.

What are you fermenting in? Glass carboy uses this: ... ction.html

Better bottle uses: ... embly.html

I use this with either a carboy, better bottle or bucket lid.

Use one for every big beer. Since you are asking this question I’m wondering if this is your first high gravity beer? If it is make sure to aerate your wort and add enough yeast. One pack isn’t going to cut it.

Thank you everyone. Yes this will be my first high gravity beer. So I appreciate all the suggestions.

I don’t know what you’re set up is like but if you don’t you should have a plan to keep the temperature down. Big beers put off a lot of heat. It you don’t have anything fancy a big bucket with cool water or even just a wet towel with a fan on it should be enough. Good luck!

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