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Blow-off tube question - plastic fermenter

I’m brewing NB’s extract saison, using a yeast starter - so I’m expecting active fermentation and preparing for a possible blowoff.

I have two plastic fermenters, one is from NB, with the small airlock hole with the grommet. The other is from my LHBS, and has a larger hole for a rubber stopper. For that one I have tubing that will fit in the hole, but it is not completely airtight. I’m assuming that’s a problem. It’s tight, just not all the way around. Is there a recommended workaround for this? Sanitized cloth around the tube where it goes in the hole in the lid?

My only other option would be to put the blowoff tube on my 3-piece airlock, but I’ve read that’s not really a great idea because it can get clogged.

If you cut off the end of the 3 piece airlock it will give it a straight shot and shouldn’t plug that’s what I use.

Cool - I had that same thought. In my head it seemed like it should be a viable idea.

Glad to know it works. I think that’s the way I’ll go.

Yes, cut the “X” off the bottom to the air lock. Or you could replace it with a 2"-3" piece of copper tubing that fits the o-ring.

The same with the large holed lid. Put a piece of copper in the rubber stopper.

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