Blow off question

Brewed Rye Stout yesterday, currently fermenting in 6 gallon glass carboy. Had to attach blow off hosing today as it started overpowering the fermenter s airlock. It has been bumbling away quite vigorously for a few hours now. Generally speaking how long would I need to keep the blow off hose attached before replacing with the airlock. Thanks

First, I advise always starting with a blowoff hose if you’re using a carboy. Then if you want to, you can switch to an airlock after the krausen has subsided.

Generally, when I’ve needed a blowoff tube it was just for a couple days - usually day2-4. Then I switch back to airlock for remainder. But then I use a bucket for primary, so rairly have blowups.

whenever krausen stops coming out of the blow off tube

You can leave it on from day one until you bottle/keg.


I always use one, but I’ll switch it out if I have a big blowoff. That way it’s clean and ready for the next brew.

Thank you all for your replies. My next question was going to be, Why not start with the blow off tube in the first place vs. airlock which seems to make sense. You answered that as well. I appreciate the assistance. cheers: