Blow of

I had aminor probablem for the past two days my Carboy over flowed through the air lock, I know should have used a blowoff tube but that is in the past. My question is; now that the Krausen has subsided the bung is pretty gorss, I replaced and cleaned the air lock after sanatizing it, but I left the bung as is. Should I remove that and clean that and if I do should I clean the rim of the Carboy?

OR should I just leave it alone? It has been four days in primary and don’t secondary should looking at another two weeks.

Ok I thought it would be good to go but I have it pushing through airlock again. So how long before it settles down should I just go buy a blow off tube tomarow.

a blow off tube would be a good idea. what are you brewing? for most common beers I ferment in the low to mid 60’s this lower temp helps to provent blow off.

By tomorrow (today now) it’s probably safe. It never hurts to start your beer with a blow off tube. It’s just a big o airlock. You can leave the blow off tube on for the entire time the beer is in the fermenter.

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