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Blonde recipe

Can anyone comment on this recipe. I am looking for a light blonde beer that is easy drinking. 12.5 gallons. OG 1.047.

17 Lbs 2-row
2.0 Lbs Flaked corn
.75 Lbs Crystal 40
.75 Lbs Victory

Mash at 147

2oz willamette 7.8AA 40 min - 21 IBUs

US-05 @ 67 degrees

I made a very similar beer which I currently have on tap. I made it for folks not really into craft beer and I suppose it gets the job done from that standpoint. Frankly though, I think it’s a bit boring but then I really didn’t make it to drink myself (although likely I’ll be the main consumer). Rather than 2 row, I used pils malt and didn’t have any corn addition so yours will even be lighter than the beer I made. Because of the use of corn in your beer, yours will be very much like a cream ale although the victory malt will give it a bit of interest. Anyway, your beer will come out just fine at least based on my experience.

If you find that you also think the beer is boring, next time you make it try hopping it up. Essentially by doing that you can change the beer from being like a cream ale to more of a throwback American pale ale (sort of like Ballentine’s XXX). The corn will lighten up the body (which is great for the hot summer) and depending on how you do the hops, it can get pretty interesting (can you say “hop burst”?). My next brew (hopefully this weekend) will be a CAP which I make doing a cereal mash (20% corn grits and I hop the hell out of it with German noble hops). Essentially it’s a similar concept except for being a lager, tasty stuff and borning it’s not.

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