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Block Party Pale Ale instruction discrepancy

Hello All!
I received the Brew Share Enjoy starter kit for Christmas along with the Block Party Pale Ale kit. On the instructions for the beer, if I am reading correctly, after the initial 2 week fermentation, I am to mix the priming solution, siphon beer from one bucket to the other and mix with priming solution, and bottle immediately.

On the laminated instructions I believe I am to mix priming solution, siphon into it, mix, and let sit for another two weeks before bottling.

Which is correct? I apologize but I could not find the correct answer upon searching.

Thank you!

The priming sugar isn’t added to the beer until you are ready to bottle. I siphon about one-half of the beer into the bottling bucket and then with out any splashing slowly pour the priming solution in. The circular movement of the beer from having the siphon tube curled at the bottom mixes the priming solution into the beer.

I would pour the priming solution into the bottling bucket before siphoning if this is a one gallon brew.

The instructions say two weeks but if you have to do something else the beer can wait another week or two. You just need to be sure the fermentation is complete before bottling.

This is the priming calculator I use to determine how much priming sugar to use.

Thank you so much! I received the 5 gallon “kit,”

I did not get a hydrometer to do this correctly( I will get one for my next brew) so I had planned to use the entire package of priming sugar they sent me - it looks like I need to do some more research!

Wait another week to make sure it’s done. If it’s an extract kit use the FG stated in the recipe you should be pretty close to that to calculate abv. Use a priming calculator that bag they send you could be over carbed. I pale ale would be better slightly under carbed than over IMHO

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