Block Party Amber Ale 1st Batch

I just recently completed my 1st batch of beer. I have some concerns/questions. I bottled 2 weeks ago and stored at room temp for two weeks. I tried one at one week conditioning and I feel like it tasted better than the full two weeks. The clarity, carbonation, and smell all seem fine, however, I feel like it has a skunky/bitter taste. Would this particular kit carry a stronger hop taste like some Pale Ales (taste reminded me of a Sam Adams Pale Ale)?

Dude, if your beer tastes likes Sam you did something right

The bitterness of a beer will fade some with time. I personally prefer most of my beers aged a bit, because it takes the rough edge off the bitterness and lets the flavors mellow a bit. Others like their beer better when very fresh.

Skunk is a different matter. What kind of bottles did you use? Clear or green bottles will allow UV light to hit the beer which can cause a skunking reaction in just a matter of minutes of exposure to natural sunlight or fluorescent lighting shining directly on the beer.

I used amber bottles. I am very new to this process and probably over analyzing everything. I had someone else try it and they thought it was just a very bitter hop flavor and they suggested to let it age as well. Appreciate all of you to take the time to help us noobs.