Blind beer tasting

I was challenged to make a Weissbier that a friend liked. He insisted it be bottle conditioned like the commercial beer I was trying to match. So I made 5 gallons and and bottled half with the yeast I collected from the bottles he gave me and kegged the other half. I want to set up a blind taste with the two versions I made and the real deal. Woul you do emphasized textall three side by side or two at a time?

I think your supposed to do three. 2 would be the same obviously. Your buddy needs to pick out the different sample.


I believe you need the third choice to confuse the … be-jeevers out of those whom you choose to deceive…. Sneezles61

I’m thinking to first let him taste both of mine and choose which he thinks is the schneeweisse . Then let him taste that one and the real schneeweisse. If after he tastes my two and says neither then it’s game over. I may have to blindfold him because the color may not be exact yet.