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Blichmann vs Megapot as brew kettle

I currently have a 10 gallon cooler as my mash tun and a 10 gallon Blichmann kettle for boiling. I wanted to start using the Blichmann as a mash tun and would need a 2nd kettle. Is a 2nd Blichmann worth the money, or should I just go with a 10 gallon Megapot?

Blichmanns products are cool and slick, but for a pot, I really wouldn’t spend the money. You can always add weldless fittings (Brewmometer, which is a COMPLETE waste of money, or a valve) to a megapot (or even a pot from a restaurant supply store as I have done).

I like the shape of the Blichmann for boiling, but I think a Megapot might have a better MLT shape. It probably has the lower surface area to volume ratio.

Pietro whats wrong with a Brewmometer? I could certainly do without it but its handy to see the wort temp as its cooling.

Megapot is my pot of choice. I have the 25 gallon and love it.

Personally, I like the built-in borosilicate sight tube (that’s also graded for volume) on the Blichmann units. It’s good for measuring large volumes of input water, as well as for a peek at your boiloff rate. I use it so much; it’s really a very nice feature.

I’ve seen sight glass mods for other kettles, but most aren’t borosilicate, and none have any gradations (of course).

megapot for me love it, got one cheap and made additions to it like blichjman for way less.

I do wish they were more of the shape like blichman but thats a small things

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