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Blichmann Top Tier or Brew Sculpture?

I’m ready to graduate from my homemade cooler mash tun and turkey fryer HLT to a RIMS or HERMS stainless system. I’m torn between the MB TippyDump 10 gal Brewsculpture and the Blichmann Top Tier with its new Tower of Power. I’m looking for some feedback to help me sway my decision since this is alot of coin. Thanks.

If you are going to design and building something, definitely check out the systems at this link:

Lots of great stuff here that could be very helpful in your planning.

Personally, I love my Blichmann Top Tier w/ the Boilermakers. I might one day get a Tower of Power, but I don’t have issues maintaining my mash temps manually.

But both the TIppy Dump and Top Tier are great systems, so it’s up to you in the end. They both have sight gauges, that’s very important.

Thanks guys. I guess I am thinking about scorching the wort with direct flame in RIMS system and how hard it is to clean. I am leaning toward Blichmann.

You can really hold mash temp in stainless pot without insulation or heating?

I use the Blichmann Top Tier and love it. 26 gallon Polarware clad bottom Kettles. I have no problem maintaining mash temps so I doubt I’d ever add the Tower of Power option. I do use the Blichmann auto sparge, System works great.

Yeah, I somewhat feel the same way. At this point, the Tower of Power came too late for me. I already have a system figured out for maintaining a stable mash temp on my Top Tier. :smiley:

Thanks guys. Last question: do any of you do step mashes on your systems? The reason I would get a Blichmann tower is for step mashing triples. Or does it really make that big a difference?

It doesn’t make a huge difference. I can do step mashes without the Tower of Power… but I very rarely do step mashes… 1 out of 15 beers I will do a step mash (not including a “mash out”).

I’ll chime in for what it’s worth. The Tower of Power controllers will work with any kind of stand. As long as you recirculate quickly, scorching is not an issue. And holding mash temps within 0.5 degrees without having to get that dough in just so is really great.

If you are considering automation, you obviously will have a pump on your stand. With that in mind, I’d suggest a single tier system. Having owned both a 3 tier and a single tier, I definitely prefer the single tier.

Consider designing something yourself and having it welded locally. You can have something built that comes very close to the price of a Top Tier, but is custom built for your needs and space requirements.

The B3 and Blichmann gear is great. The beauty of the Blichmann stand is being able to pace your spending and the ease of adding as you go. If you don’t weld, having adjustments made after the original build can be pricey.

Anyway, here is my single tier with dual Blichmann TOP controllers. You’ll probably have to click view image to see the whole thing. Sorry.

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