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Blichmann Hop Blocker

Today I have a 10 gal. Boilermaker G1 with hop spider and immersion chiller. I’m thinking of moving to a 15 gal Boilermaker G2 with a hop blocker and want to use the same chiller. I will have 5-1/2" from the inside wall of the pot to the chiller coil. Is this enough space for the hop blocker?



Can yer hop blocker sit in the middle? Not used one, looked, didn’t pull the trigger. Yer hop spider not containing all the hop debris good enough? Sneezles61

Thanks for the reply. I decided against switching to this 15gal pot. I would just have to change too many of my current gadgets.


Oh boy - ended up buying this combo. Guy locally was selling it because he was going to bigger batches. He had a great price but after I said I didn’t want it the price got lowered to the point I couldn’t turn it down. Looks like my chiller will fit nicely with the hop blocker. And after talking to Blichmann the other day found out they sell a plug kit for the thermometer so you can drill and relocate it. Don’t know if I’m going to like this hop blocker but I’ll give it a try.


Take a picture to show us, I like when deals on stainless comes around I can’t pass on… Sneezles61

Here you go Sneezless:

(It also has the hop blocker)

My 1-yr old 10 gal. polished SS is much prettier but the G2 is supposed to be drawn and not welded construction. Got the new 15 gal. for about 1/2 retail.


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That looks nice and also you got a good score on yer second kettle… Sneezles61

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